GradFutures Clio Hall Award in 2022. Awarded for significant contributions to support graduate student education at Princeton University. (Video of award citation)

Harvard Heroes Award in 2018. Awarded to 0.5% of Harvard staff each year. Received award for re-opening the Cabot Science Library.

Library Journal Year in Architecture in 2017. Prepared award application for Cabot Science Library.

Top Ten Most Read Articles in Educause Review in 2014. Received for Libraries as Enablers of Pedagogical and Curricular Change

Nobel Peace Prize Certificate and Letter from IPCC in 2007. Received for climate change modeling research.

NJ Association of Educational Technology Technologist of the Year Award in 2003. Three individuals from the state are selected annually to receive this award.

National Telecommunications Partnership Award in 2003. Received from SBC Foundation and Partners in Education, Inc. for building the Southern Regional Institute. Thirteen organizations received national award for exemplary partnerships.

Vice-president Al Gore’s Hammer Award in 1995. Received for contributions to the NTIA Information Technology Committee.

U.S. Dept. of Commerce Silver Medal in 1995. Received for contributions to the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program

MIT Ida Green Fellowship in 1989. Full graduate funding.

MIT Burchard Scholar for Excellence in the Humanities in 1988.

MIT Tau Beta Pi – Engineering Honor Society in 1987.

MIT Eta Kappa Nu – Electrical Engineering Honor Society in 1987.